P.  E.  T.
Paranormal Explanation Team

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We are a group of local people who have gotten together to study the paranormal happenings in this area. If you have strange things happening to you in your home or business feel free to contact us at any time
You can get a hold of us 3 ways: call or text or email us and let us see what we can do for you!
Phone# or text: 402-750-5286
E-mail: rjensen@centurylink.net


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P. E. T.
Paranormal Explanation Team
Between all our team members we have many years of experience, multiple viewpoints ranging from spirit to ghost to the dimensional theories. If you have strange, different, unexplainable things happening call us and will set up an appointment time with you. Discuss what you have experienced.  Also try to get as much info on the area as possible. We also try to gather all the stories about the place.  Then we set up a time that will work for you that would allow us to come in and investigate.

Contact us at: rjensen@centurylink.net  SUBJECT: P.E.T. 
We have no fees and all we find is kept confidential. Our client’s identity is kept confidential. We conduct investigations
Because we are passionate about finding
the truth 
We use various types of equipment on each investigation. We like to come talk ahead of time to explain how we do things and ask what you would like to get out of this investigation. Follow-up calls will be made to our clients to see if activity has ceased, lessened or increased. 
We may take up to a month to go over all the tapes and cameras and all is kept confidential between clients and our team .We do strive to find and collect as much evidence as possible to prove or disprove a paranormal theory. We provide our clients with a copy of any audio or video collected. We may ask your permission to use any video or audio from the investigation to use on our website but we will keep name and address confidential.  

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How many times can you close door #7  Be sure and watch all the camera will seem to go off 2 or 3 times  Check gallery for more video!!  Click  soundcloud for audio that goes with video below